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All new MG vehicles need to be serviced at regular intervals. Each service should occur every 15,000 miles (or 10,000 miles for 16MY MG3 with Stop/Start) or every year - whichever comes first. 

Every MG dealer is authorised to carry out service and maintenance work in conjunction with the terms of your vehicle's warranty. Your MG Dealer now also register your car on the Digital Service Record platform, meaning that will be able to access the service history of your vehicle through a national database of MG dealers. 

We guarantee: 


Our technicians have undertaken extensive training in our academy. They will service your vehicle to the highest standards in full compliance with the terms of your vehicle’s warranty.


We only ever fit genuine MG parts, which have been designed and tested to our exacting standards.


We are happy to arrange courtesy cars service to ensure your experience is as convenient as possible.


Standard Service 2021
  15,000 30,000 45,000 60,000 75,000 90,000
MG3 £201.74 £405.94 £201.74 £457.99 £201.74 £565.19
MG3 18MY £198.80 £429.98 £198.80 £429.98 £232.86 £484.04
MG ZS Manual EU6B £136.28 £416.16 £136.28 £416.16 £179.34 £452.47
MG ZS Manual EU6D £136.28 £385.16 £136.28 £376.16 £179.34 £421.48
MG ZS Auto EU6B £151.92 £334.36 £341.18 £377.41 £151.92 £557.70
MG ZS Auto EU6D £151.92 £303.36 £341.18 £346.42 £151.92 £526.70
MG ZS EV £102.00 £192.08 £102.00 £268.00 £218.76 £192.08
MG ZS 20MY 1.0 Auto £151.26 £271.20 £367.52 £271.20 £194.32 £509.40
MG ZS 20MY 1.0 Man £151.26 £271.20 £255.05 £271.20 £194.32 £396.92
MG ZS 20MY 1.5 man £135.80 £375.68 £135.80 £375.68 £178.86 £411.64
MG GS Man £163.88 £447.20 £163.88 £495.61 £163.88 £469.66
MG GS Auto £163.88 £447.20 £252.01 £495.61 £163.88 £557.78
MG HS Man £167.72 £274.31 £306.11 £274.31 £215.28 £470.05
MG HS Auto £167.72 £274.31 £394.24 £274.31 £215.28 £558.18
MG HS Plug In £181.22 £301.31 £527.39 £301.31 £348.34 £684.34
MG5 £102.00 £183.36 £102.00 £209.82 £218.76 £183.36
  10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000
MG3 16MY £111.44 £189.72 £259.22 £228.28 £165.44 £405.64
Prices quoted do not include any optional or extra service items
All prices are totals inc VAT
Annual Low Mileage Service
  1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years 6 Years
MG3 18MY £108.80 £242.18 £331.70 £242.18 £196.86 £364.08
MG ZS Manual EU6B £109.28 £189.47 £353.08 £189.47 £181.28 £406.26
MG ZS Manual EU6D £109.28 £189.47 £322.08 £189.47 £181.28 £375.26
MG ZS Auto EU6B £124.92 £217.07 £238.24 £406.33 £224.94 £291.42
MG ZS Auto EU6D £124.92 £217.07 £207.24 £406.33 £224.94 £260.42
MG ZS EV £39.00 £110.18 £75.00 £110.18 £218.76 £222.10
MG ZS 20MY 1.0 Auto £124.26 £204.44 £194.62 £317.23 £212.32 £247.80
MG ZS 20MY 1.0 Man £124.26 £204.44 £194.62 £317.23 £212.32 £247.80
MG ZS 20MY 1.5 man £108.80 £188.99 £321.60 £188.99 £196.86 £374.78
MG HS Man £136.22 £220.91 £211.22 £341.29 £219.78 £264.41
MG HS Auto £136.22 £220.91 £211.22 £447.42 £219.78 £264.41
MG HS Plug In £136.22 £252.41 £242.72 £580.57 £321.34 £295.91
MG5 £39.00 £101.46 £75.00 £101.46 £218.76 £163.92
Prices quoted do not include any optional or extra service items
All prices are totals inc VAT

All MG new cars are built with quality and reliability in mind, which is why you can count on a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty every time you get a new car from MG. 

Please find all terms and conditions relating to the new vehicle warranty (for any MG vehicle registered on or after 1st September 2019), available to download here.


Service Facilities

We can offer full service facilities in our award winning Workshops, including MG Rover Test book, GDS and VDS Diagnostic’s equipment for problem diagnosing and rectification on your MG We can also offer full vehicle diagnostics using our new AUTEL diagnostic machine covering most makes of vehicle.

We cater for the entire MG range from the earliest Classic to the modern day MG5 EV, MG ZS EV, ZS, HS, HS Hybrid, MG3, MG GS and MG6.

We also service Austin Healeys, Jaguars etc. In fact we will service any make or model of vehicle.



MoT Testing Facility

We offer a full MOT service on site at Brown and Gammons at a cost of £49.95  in our purpose built MOT Bay. The bay, is complete with all the latest ATL test equipment. You can View your car while it is having its MOT from the comfort of our reception area via 2 way CCTV viewing system shown on a widescreen TV.

 The Government’s latest legislation on MOTs does not require pre-1960 cars to have an MOT and it is now the owner’s responsibility to make sure the car is roadworthy. Lots of these cars are only used during the warmer summer months and so sit for months at a time (especially with our British weather). They are also lovingly worked on by their owners who gain pleasure from being able to work on these cars without all the modern wizardry needed for our modern cars. We believe that many owners of these cars will welcome the opportunity to have their cars go through a test similar to the MOT and with this in mind we can now offer a ‘Pre-1960 MOT Vehicle Check’ where we will test the car along the lines of the MOT test .


Air Conditioning Service

Your cars Air conditioning system does far more than just keep you cool, when working properly it helps to filter out any pollutants and also pollen. It will also stop your windows misting up during the winter months.

We at Brown and Gammons can offer a full air conditioning service for any vehicle please contact our Service Department on 01462 490049 for prices.


Tyre Fitting



Did you know that we can offer a complete tyre fitting service, while you wait at our Baldock premises.

With the addition of our tyre fitting bay customers can take advantage of some of our exclusives on a wide range of tyres and after about 30 minutes they can drive away with the tyres that have been fitted and balanced in our award winning workshops, this includes balancing of wire wheels.

We have recently invested in new tyre fitting and balancing equipment allowing us to fit Run flat tyres with relative ease. Our new machine also allows us to fit tyres as small as 10” up to 26”

Furthermore, if you fancy a new look for your car, why not opt for some new wheels to go with your new tyres. There is a wide range available for all models of MG, including the MGF, and we have put together some exclusive packages of wheels and tyres which make this an extremely viable option.

With staff that can offer over 20 years’ experience in the tyre industry, why not contact us on 01462 490049 for a quote on fitting new tyres to your car today.


4 Wheel Alignment



If a car's wheels are miss-aligned it causes excessive wear on the tyres, particularly on the edges. This means that tyres have to be replaced more frequently resulting in increased running costs. Another symptom is that the Car will pull to the left or right and, under braking, could become seriously wayward. This means increased handling difficulties and lower safety driving conditions.

Our 4-wheel alignment equipment, the most advanced machine on the market, enables our engineers to check within one minute degree of accuracy how straight a car's wheels are. Each wheel is checked individually and if needed, adjusted so that all four wheels are perfectly positioned to enable the driver to derive maximum driving safety and pleasure.

The process takes just 60 minutes and most models of MGs (cars) can be catered for, the only exception being the older, narrow wheel based cars like the T-Series MGs.

Customers who have already opted for this service are amazed at how even just a slight adjustment can make a big difference in how their car drives and handles. Some are absolutely staggered by just how much wear the edges their tyres have been subjected to. In fact, many customers are now including a 4-wheel alignment check in with their normal service as the slight increase in price could save them literally hundreds of pounds in reduced running costs." So, to save money and drive safely why not book an alignment check today. Contact our Service Department Brown & Gammons Ltd on 01462 490049. our Service Department can also advise on all aspects of Brown & Gammons first class workshop services including serving, tuning, full & part restorations and competition preparation on all models of MG.


Restoration Work

Over the past 40 years, we have restored hundreds of MGs from pre-war Triple Ms, through T-Types, MGAs, MGBs, MGCs, Midgets and V8s. We've undertaken complete restorations or just done the bits of the job that you don't want to. This can include body welding, paintwork, panelwork, mechanical work or interior trim. We've put cars back on the road to original specifications or uprated, modified and even improved either the cars mechanics or aesthetics.

Throughout the work, we keep you abreast of developments (and there are normally quite a few) and we can take digital images of different stages of your restoration if required. During the work, you are more than welcome to visit our premises to view the car and its progress and to chat about the work involved (just lets us know beforehand so that we can make sure there is someone available to talk to you).

Displayed here are just some of the cars we have restored throughout our history to give you an idea of just how diverse our work is and the standard to which we comply to. If you want further information, to arrange to book your car in or just to chat about what you have in mind, please ring and ask to talk to our Service Manager 01462 490049


Competition Preparation

Brown & Gammons can boast a long and extensive connection with MG and classic motorsport both on the racetrack and in numerous historic rallies. Ron Gammons and his son, Malcolm, have both competed in many historic rallies, including Pirelli Classic Marathons, Classic Monte Carlo Challenges, Charringtons Historic rallies, Le Jogs and Leige-Rome-Leige. They have also contested countless race championships and invitation races, in both MGs and other classic marques like Austin Healey and Lotus. Ron has raced in F1 Grand Prix support races and competed at Goodwood both in the Festival of Speed and the Revival Meeting. Malcolm has ventured from MGBs to race an MGF both in road going Trophy format and the full on race-spec MGF Cup.

The company are also renowned for the quality of build and preparation of customers' vehicles for both racing and rallying, many of whom have enjoyed success of their own. So if you're interested in joining the winning team ring and ask to speak to our Service Department. 01462 490049


Car Storage

If required, we can accommodate your car in our dry, secure storage facilities. The premises are properly alarmed and insurance is no problem. We can collect and deliver if required and our discretion is guaranteed.

Our storage prices start at just £100 per month + VAT. If you would like further information, please call 01462 490049